Toby Foster
Founder/CEO/Distiller/Alaskan/Bush Pilot
(907) 357-6723
Raised in Alaska, Toby started taking flight lessons at 15. He flew medevac for years logging 7,000 hours. In 2003, while landing at Goodnews Bay, wind shear caused him to crash. At 160 mph the aircraft cart wheeled across the tundra. Toby crawled out of the wreckage with a broken back. It was time for a career change. While visiting with his grandmother, she told him that in the 1920s his grandfather had a small moonshine still ran bootlegged liquor. From that moment on, Toby knew his path was clear. He opened the first legal distillery in Alaska.
Dorene Lorenz
(907) 360-8815
Dorene is a fourth-generation Seward girl. She gets a bit of height anxiety so she has a history of tossing her cookies in small planes, especially on sunny days. Dorene doesn't know how to swim, so you will never find her in the lake by the distillery. Other than that, she is a typical Alaskan girl who has had up close and personal contact with everything from a grizzly bear to porcupine to moose. She isn't squeamish about prodding the beach rubble, and is all about the fjords.
Mark Bly
The Flying Chef / Executive Chef of Alaska Distillery<
(888) 710-2204
Mark Bly “the Flying Chef” was born, raised, and is living in Alaska. A 747 Captain and a Chef by Career, Mark travels the world in search of classic cuisine. Mark likes to take the best from every culture and create new and vibrant dishes. Whether n the spice soul of Dubai or the early morning clamor of the Tokyo fish market, The Flying Chef is there, seeking out the best in international cuisine to bring home to you.
Hooch, the distillery dog, is a five-year-old black lab. He was born and raised in Alaska where he loves being outdoors. Hooch showed an early aptitude for being friendly and so we hired him at the distillery working in HR. It's been a perfect fit for Hooch and he has been strengthening his interpersonal relationship skills. Hooch love swimming in the lake, ear scratches, belly rubs, and pizza. You will find Hooch at the distillery most days, so if you find yourself in the area, please visit the Alaska Distillery Trading Post and say "Hi!" to Hooch.
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